While the Lab has blown out its first candle, let’s go back together on an innovative project !

Elior Group, is a global player in the contracted food and support services industry, is the caterer of choice in the world of business, education, healthcare, travel and leisure.

A brand new venue is born within the new headquarters in La Defense, France : Elior Group sets up a laboratory for ideation and experimentation.

Digital technology is a key project for Elior Group and as part of its strategy to invent the catering model of the future, the Group has set up this  LAB whish is a new co-creation space devoted to idea generation and testing in support of innovation.

The purpose of the LAB is to provide a structural framework for Elior Group teams to invent and implement innovative culinary and technological projects for all of the Group’s guests. The LAB is a place of experimentation, co-creation, discovery, learning and prospecting; a place where teams can develop new concepts and services, and raise the awareness of the different staff members to new culinary techniques, flavors and produce ; a place where staff members can meet and talk with the Group’s current and prospective clients. The Lab displays five functionnal areas : a culinary workshop, a test kitchen, a dedicated digital area, a lounging area and a brainstorming area.

For Elior Group Chairman and CEO Philippe Salle, “the LAB allows us to approach our profession in a pragmatic and innovative way so that we can achieve concrete results and notably create new products and services for our clients and guests. Everything is in place to ensure that our employees’ expertise is shared in real time, and to foster the emergence and coming to fruition of new ideas.”

In this area designed by Eric Charrat (DPLG arcitect),Carlipa has been chosen to implement digital solutions at the cutting-edge of technology and digital culinary solutions. The LAB enables all of the Group’s markets to test, experiment and develop innovative solutions through audio, digital and connected tools. The Host is equipped with an Ipad  and is able to display customized video contents adapted to visitors profiles on screens. While chosing a market on the tablet, the 8 screens spread over the place are accordingly broadcasting medias related to their activity, thus facilitating emulation and brainstorming. The triggered broadcasting can be entirely automatized but also specifically customized for each screen within the Lab : the host can chose a screen on a LAB map (represented on the interface) to send one or several contents belongig to the librairy displayed on the app.

The LAB tablet is actually a real Bandmaster for digital broadcasting ! This system works thanks to a patented module by Carlipa called « Pending lists control », that allows to manage in real time all kind of devices from a smartphone or a tablet.

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