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Carlipa has been chosen by DFS to deploy and maintain the pc players monitoring the digital devices in Airports Shops Worldwide. Its network consists of duty free stores located in 15 airports and 20 downtown T Galleria (T for Travellers)  locations.

After a consulting mission for the Group’s Headquarters in Hong Kong, Carlipa continues its collaboration by deploying this year players within airports worldwide : Hawai, Los Angeles, Hong Kong and Macau. San Francisco, Singapore, New York and Guam will follow in the coming months to reach a total of 600 players.

To achieve this mission, the digital in-store software developped by Carlipa has a dedicated module for selling advertising spaces. This module creates program grids and allows to manage advertising spaces available in real time. As a result, the advertising spaces sold are optimized, and brands displayed are differents week by week and even by time slots. As a luxury travel retailer leader, DFS puts forward prestigious brands such as Dior, Chanel, Estee Lauder, Tag Heuer, Fossil… On this highly competitive market, DFS is able to provide customer with inspiring retail experiences.

Sales enablement Interactive applications and Object recognition tables are developped by Carlipa’s Team. These win and watches applications will be deployed in San francisco within next months.